Tuesday, February 22, 2005

The Power of Digital Filmmaking!

"The studios recognize the new economics, the new paradigm, the new creative processes, if DV is faster and cheaper, and if the results look good, it will be embraced. Not since the advent of sound has the film industry faced such a transformation. And, oddly enough, it all started with independent filmmakers." - Ian Calderon, the Sundance Film Festival

Digital Filmmaking is definitely the new wave of the future. Independent filmmakers now have the capability to make great films using bare minimum resources. The Canon GL is a wonderful camera that has been used to film entire movies! The greatest features about it are; the tapes are cheap, the camera costs a maximum of four thousand dollars and the film can be uploaded and edited on your personal PC.

Filmmakers have never seen anything like the capabilities of digital film. Independent producers love the concept because you are able to take any shot you wish, put it on your pc and edit it in your own home! No studio costs or lots of fancy equipment (thought a decent amount of additional products would be a help) as well as the capability to fix your mistakes on camera. Digital filmmaking helps to interpret three-dimensional animation directly into your film as well as add professional quality special effects. Programs such as Adobe Premiere, Storm Edit, Adobe After-Effects and many more can be bought for under a thousand dollars and used to help increase the potential of your video.

Over time, good films have been judged based upon their genre, camera angles, lighting, audio levels, and of course screenplays/acting abilities. With digital film you can adjust audio levels, change the lighting and even easily do voiceovers to cover up horrible acting! Professional Holly Wood filmmakers will spend tens of thousands of dollars to make a high quality film. Now you can spend under ten thousand and make a movie of similar quality, if not better than theirs! The power of the digital age is phenomenal in my opinion.

I personally think we’re on a breakthrough with technology. I have always used digital film and editing since I first became interested in movies. As a prospective independent filmmaker I now look at a real opportunity to make my mark in the film society thanks to digital editing. My goals now seem within reach and the technology at my fingertips. I look at the lower-end software I have now and realize how awesome it will be when I am able to afford a better camera and some audio equipment. I already have the programs I need to edit; now it’s just the equipment that’s my obstacle. Within a few years, I will be able to start my own small production company, all thanks to the awesome power of digital filmmaking.


At 8:41 PM, Blogger Andrew said...

I agree with you once again mike, I also plan to go into the field of film at one point or another in my life.

It is such an expansive field, a person can put their entire mind to the test when it comes to creating a great film. You can adapt all the creative sides of your personality to the screen.

If it all works out, I one day hope to work with you on a film of our own.


At 3:57 PM, Blogger Media Crit Prof said...

Well I'll be the contrarian, then. The look of actual film cannot, in my estimation, be replaced by digital shooting yet. So I still love the look of film, and don't entirely embrace the digital wave (as democratizing as it is).


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